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  • YOU. (If you edit this page. (Or better still, replace this page with a traditional plain text AUTHORS file and change the link on the index.html page.))
  • THE AUTHOR. (I'm kinda with Krishnamurti in the sense of being neither a believer or a non-believer or atheist or agnostic, but if Larry gives props to THE AUTHOR, it seems entirely Ofun to have this entry.)
  • Audrey Tang. (She created the -Ofun giant whose shoulder this sits, and gave her blessing to try this, and has made at least one commit, and said she might do more. :) )
  • Will Braswell. (Registered
  • Reini Urban. (Set up this repo, dns, basic look, and empty pages.)
  • Raiph Mellor. (That's me. Initiated doing this and wrote initial content like this.)
  • Ingy döt Net.